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What I’m reading: Gage Crump and Andy McMahon offer top picks

Gage Crump: In the latest issue of Science Translational Medicine, Katja M. Heinemeier and coauthors use “bomb pulse” labeling to provide new insights into cell turnover in our joints. This technique takes advantage of the temporary high radiation levels in […]

ELife study describes how arthritis originated in primordial fish

We all know someone affected by arthritis—as well as that old dog down the block. But according to a new study in eLife, arthritis is much more widespread in the animal kingdom than previously suspected. In the study, Amjad Askary […]

Lindsey Barske wins NIH Pathway to Independence Award

Years ago, Lindsey Barske pulled on a pair of tall rubber boots and began a journey that led from her college research experience on the muddy Alaskan tundra to her current postdoctoral studies in the USC Stem Cell lab of […]

Development study uses zebrafish to understand the role of cartilage in bone repair

Scientists have long believed that the processes required for embryonic development are recapitulated during the regeneration of damaged body parts, such as fractured bones. In a new study published in Development, USC Stem Cell researchers Sandeep Paul, Simone Schindler and […]

Lab publishes study on how skeletal stem cells form the blueprint of the face

Timing is everything when it comes to the development of the vertebrate face. In a new study published in PLoS Genetics, USC Stem Cell researcher Lindsey Barske from the laboratory of Gage Crump and colleagues identify the roles of key […]

Lab’s study on cover of Developmental Cell

Arthritis, the leading cause of disability in the U.S., involves the loss of a special type of cartilage cell lining the joints. In a study appearing on the cover of the latest issue of Developmental Cell, first author Amjad Askary […]

Lindsey Mork and Michaela Patterson win Doerr Stem Cell Challenge Grant

Congratulations to Lindsey Mork, whose collaborative proposal with Michaela Patterson won a Doerr Stem Cell Challenge Grant. Together, they will use zebrafish to investigate the role of the gene Tnni3k in heart regeneration. When activated, this gene appears to lower […]

Lab publishes study on head morphogenesis

Development has published a new study by Chong Pyo Choe and Gage Crump about the role of  Eph-Pak2a signaling in zebrafish head morphogenesis. To read the study, visit  

Gage Crump will teach course about science fiction and stem cells in Spring 2015

Gage Crump will teach a new undergraduate course starting in Spring 2015 called MEDS 380 Stem Cells: Fact and Fiction. From babies born with three biological parents to regrown body parts, the course explores the current state of stem cell […]

Lab publishes study about DiGeorge syndrome

In a September study published in the journal Development, Chong Pyo Choe and Gage Crump describe how a mutation in a gene called TBX1 causes the facial and other deformities associated with DiGeorge syndrome. To read more, visit